I’m working on finishing my last day in Budapest. Strangely, I’ve been sick (in the stomach) since the day I arrived in Budapest. Most people would say that’s a bit backward, considering the fact that I’m coming from India. Oh well.

It’s been an interesting experience. I’ve met a lot of Hungarian people in my 3 weeks here. Hardcore interviewing is a good way to rapidly learn a lot about a new culture. I came here thinking Budapest was a lot like America. I leave thinking it’s more like India. I must have learned a lot (or been mislead).

Right now, I’m sitting in my hotel room feeling nauseous. I’m on the 4th floor (which in this country + hotel means I’m six stories up), looking out my Danube-facing window. It’s snowing heavily. Huge chunks of snow are falling from the building above me, and interestingly, snow flakes are falling “up” past my window. Must be something about the air pressure, shape of the building, and the heat escaping. Either that or I’m sicker than I thought.

Tomorrow morning at 4AM, I’ll leave the hotel for a quiet I-don’t-speak-Hungarian ride in the taxi to the airport. On the way here, I wore a short-sleeve shirt and froze when I reached Frankurt to find the airport employees (especially the ones who drive the bus from the plane to the terminal) on strike. Tomorrow, I’ll over compensate and probably be miserably hot when I reach Bangalore.

I’m sick and tired but very happy to be headed “home”. Where is “home”? Where ever Kelly is. May sound sappy, but I’ve realized since I’ve been here, that I would feel more at home in Iraq with Kelly than I would in Arkansas by myself. You might call this codependent, but I think that’s what marriage should feel like.

Room service just showed up. With only about 4 things on the room service
menu here, I’ve been eating the same thing almost every day. Wienerschnitzel
with french fries has been a consistent “favorite”. Though I’ve been trying
since I got here, today is the first day I’ve managed to get them to show up with ketchup. I wonder if the Heinz ketchup is supposed to taste like vinegar here.