I’ve just switched to what I think is the 5th piece of software that
I’ve used to power this site since its inception. Unlike every other
switch I’ve made, this one is done because it’s better
than the others. I can say that with a clear conscience, because I’ve
personally written almost all of the software that has run this site, and I
know that the motivation behind almost every other switch I’ve made
is nothing more than boredom and the desire to try something new.

RubLog is written in Ruby (www.ruby-lang.org), which has been a constant for me for the past two years. It supports CVS, categories, and multiple different file formats. Have a look here: www.pragprog.com/pragdave/Tech/Blog/SourceCode.rdoc,v.

One important thing to keep in mind is that, though my site is ugly, it’s always been ugly. You can’t blame this on RubLog’s creator (although if you think Dave’s site is ugly, you can blame that on him). :)

Now, I’m looking forward to the day when I can upload MS Word documents and have them appear as weblog entries. Not because I want to use Word, but because it’ll be cool.