Austin Ziegler has revived ( my
Ruby RSS module from the dead. He’s rewritten it to use REXML (,
which I had actually finished 6 months ago but never uploaded and has also
added support for RSS 0.92 and RSS 2.0. So, if you want to do some really
nice, easy , validating RSS creation or parsing, head over and check
Austin’s code out. If you have existing code that uses my old module,
it should work with few or no changes. He hasn’t released the new
version yet, so you’ll have to get it from CVS. I’m sure
he’d love to have some beta testers.

I thought I’d get around to helping him finish up or maybe even adding RSS 1.0 support, but so far I haven’t been able to muster the gumption. I guess RSS has finally fallen into the category of things I’d like to **just work** without any effort on my part. Thanks to Austin for making it so.