Following a thread from the previous post (/Travel/Europe/Miro), I just
stumbled across Basic English (
Basic English is an attempt to deobfuscate the English language, primarily
by reducing its vocabulary from the tens of thousands present in standard
English to 850.

Basic English is a subset of English, complete with its grammatical
exceptions and ambiguities. I wonder how much munging it would take to make
an easily computer-parsable English. How strange would English have to look
(to a human) for a computer to be able to understand it as well? I would
really like to be able to search for articles on the web that contain, for
example, negative opinions about a specific topic. Or how about: "All
pages which contradict the statement the following assertion…"
(followed by some English text which states something as fact). I’ve
been thinking a lot lately about how to make this sort of things possible
with standard English, but if English were disambiguously computer
parsable, it would be simple.

The fact that Lojban (
is computer parsable (
has always excited me, but I’m afraid that if I wrote my web posts in
Lojban, nobody would read them.