Excuse por favor el queso. I was in a mood.

  LA_RAMBLA = Street.new

  LA_RAMBLA.location = BARCELONA.center

  CAFE_CON_LECHE = “Coffee with milk”

  def cnn()

    while(!headache) do




  if FILE == $0 then

    until(Time.now.hour >= 9) do

      sleep 1


    while(kelly.sleeping?) do




    goto LA_RAMBLA

    shop(LA_RAMBLA) {



      rescue DrinkNotFoundError

        drink(CAFE_CON_LECHE).good? #=>true


      purchase Painting.new(“Barcelona Street Scene”)


      watch([“Street musicians”,

      “Flamenco dancers”,

      “Silly Medieval musicians with swords”,

      “Living statue”]).good? #=> [false, false, false, true]


    until(kilometers >= TOO_MANY + 2) do



    purchase Movie::Tickets.new(2) # We don’t get many movies in India

    movie = Movie[“Adapation”]

    sleep 1800 #seconds

    movie.during {



    movie > Movie[“Being John Malkovich”] #=> true

    enter(street.cars.find {|car| car.type == Taxi}.shift)

    sleep 900


    WEBSITE << Post.new(Style.new(SILLY), today.events.inspect)