Howard Rheingold (
posted a link to a a wearable buffering video camera (
Apparently, you wear it on your eye glasses or cap, it buffers 30 seconds
of video (of what you’re seeing) at a time, and you can press a
button whenever you like to save the previous 30 seconds permanently. They
( have another
model that can save up to 4 hours.

I don’t know whether to be excited or frightened, but I’m leaning toward excited. It’s still pretty bulky, but I imagine another year’ll solve that. I’d like to add a small playback display, so when I space out during a conversation, I can gracefully recover by pressing the capture button, excusing myself, and rewinding the last 30 seconds:

  "How's that sound to you, Chad?"
  (wakes up)
  "Uh...yea...hold on just a moment.  I'll be right back."
  (leaves room, plays back video, returns)
  "Right, then..." (potentially less ignorant conversation ensues)

Even more exciting—but farther off in the future—is the possibility of combining the audio portion of this technology with wireless networking, speech recognition, and text data mining. Imagine the power of having a personal, searchable (LatentSemanticIndexing), index of every conversation you have and everything you hear. May that sounds a little spooky? Doesn’t feel quite right to you? That’s just the feeling of old age creeping over you…it’s OK. :)