It’s been a long week. I started it with having 3 wisdom teeth removed. Since then, I’ve been “under the influence”. But, the big news is that the Drepung Gomang Tour is in town.

Kelly and I are now co-directors of the Drepung Gomang Institute (we’re reworking the website), so we have been fortunate to have spent the past week in the presence of ten Tibetan monks. Buddhist or not (in my case not), there’s a lot to learn from a serious monastic practitioner.

The big event this week was the construction of a Sand Mandala. They spend five days creating an intricate piece of art work only to ceremoniously dismantle it at the end. As Ngawang Gyatso, “Translator/Driver”, explained, it’s the process of construction that’s important—not the end result. Very much like what I was talking about here.

Here are the monks working on the Mandala:

Kelly and Ngawang Lobsang looking at a map of Tibet. Ngawang is showing Kelly where he lived before fleeing his country.

If you’re in Louisville and interested in some really great cultural events, be sure to check out our website for a listing of upcoming events. The monks will be here through the first week of October.