Three years ago tomorrow (my memory isn’t that good—I happened
to make a web post about it), I finished reading what would turn out to be
one of the most influential books of my computer programming career, The
Pragmatic Programmer, by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas (
Since then, I’ve followed their articles, weblogs (see the links on
the right) and like many others have anticipated the release of their next

Taking a surprising turn, they have recently announced the formation of
their own publishing entity and have simultaneously released two new books.
Today, my copies of "Pragmatic Unit Testing" and "Pragmatic
Version Control" arrived.

They seem to be catering to the future Pragmatic Programmer market with
material of a more introductory nature. So, the material may be a bit on
the basic side. This is why they are calling these books a
"prequel" as opposed to a true follow-up to Pragmatic Programmer.

As long as there’s no mention of Jar Jar (,%20Ahmed)
I’ll be happy. And, you can never hear good advice too many times.

While I obviously haven’t read these books yet, I’m going to go
out on a limb and pre-recommend them to you in case you don’t know
anything about them. If they’re even nearly as good as the first one,
they will take their place in my list of require reading materials for any
new programmer.

(Incidentally, 3 years ago today was the day I first downloaded Ruby []. This was actually
also a result of reading The Pragmatic Programmer and the
learn-one-language-per-year tip.)