Delicious is a social bookmarks manager.

You can subscribe to my bookmarks and I can subscribe to yours. These are available via RSS or HTML.

I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while, but it hasn’t been "officially" public until sometime fairly recently. Joshua (\~joshua/), who developed, is also the creator of memepool ( and GeoURL (

I’ve had a similar idea for some time but with some extended statistical analysis features which Joshua insists would be too difficult to actually implement if I tried. So, instead I’ll just start using his and see where it leads.

It’s really convenient, in that you can create bookmarks using a simple bookmarklet.

What’s going to be more interesting than the basic functionality—it’s a very simple idea really—is the network effect of how people, links, and categories’ interactions emerge into clusters and metatopics.

Also, wouldn’t you love to have a running list of the stuff your "heroes" are reading and finding intersting enough to bookmark? I can think of a handful of software developers whose moves I would love to track. What are the seeds that are going to grow the next big innovations or the New Thinking about software development? Perhaps some of them might show up in these lists.

Of course, as this grows it may become too eclectic for anyone to find interesting as a flat, running, aggregated list. Somehow this needs to become "social" at a different level and evolve into communities (to be fair, Joshua warns on the site, "This system is pre-pre-alpha; many features have yet to be added. Additionally, many, many bugs remain. Please be careful."). Artima ( attempts to do this in a very limited way with its "Buzz" feature. But, with Artima’s application, you have to choose a single category that your posts will fit into, and it’s obviously hard to find a category that always works.

I wonder if you could apply Vector Space Search ( to this problem to auto-clump bookmarks or people into categories.

OK. Now go sign up ( at so I can subscribe to your bookmarks. You can see mine here (