Avi and I were talking about this
—specifically James’s comment,
which says that Avi should consider including a templating engine in Seaside to avoid making newcomers
feel uncomfortable.

I had the following to say ("lusers" refers to the Dick Gabriel saying that Avi quotes in his post):

(The ultimate in weblogging laziness.)

The qmail reference might elude some of you. Ralph walked us through qmail’s code at the Software MFA Program in January. qmail does some really unorthodox things with IO streams, quickly alerting the reader (of the code) to the fact they aren’t in Kansas anymore.

My “craft element” remark refers to the possibility that this kind of forced discomfort (dissonance) may be a trick-of-the-trade that developers can deliberately take advantage of.

From this perspective, throwing templates into Seaside would be something like Gyorgy Ligeti ending Atmospheres (scroll down and listen to the clip) on a C major triad.