I’ve recently been reading Seth
books, and like all books that I actually finish reading, their
message has crept into my every day thinking. I highly recommend his most
recent, Free
Prize Inside

Seth also has a weblog which
offers a non-stop, up-to-the-minute continuation of the material in his
books. Today, he made his best
weblog entry yet
. He specifically takes aim in this post at the act of
benchmarking, but more generally at the outdated idea of linear innovation.
While he doesn’t specifically say so in this post, the ideas from
this post, Free Prize Inside, and Purple
are directly applicable in (probably any field, but specifically)
the computer industry.

Once you know what "Purple Cow" means, I’d be interested to
hear what people think of as being recent technological Purple Cows (not
from a business perspective). I’ve written about this as it relates
to programming language evolution (LanguageEvolution
— mostly regurgitating the thoughts of other smarter people :). A
more concrete, actually implemented example would be Seaside. Any recent others of