Update: Being the King of Good Timing, I posted this entry the day before
Alex renamed rvsh to "ruvi" (nice name!) and broke all of the
links in this post. The links should now work.

I’m not sure this will become a weekly habit, but I’ve been
enjoying Jim’s "Module
Spotlights", and thought I’d do something similar to give a
little exposure to some of the nice RubyGems packages that
are now out there for the taking.

This week’s featured gem is "ruvi" [www.lypanov.net/xml/development/ruvi.xml].
It was created by Alexander Kellett,
and is a vim clone written in pure Ruby!

So, if you’ve got the latest RubyGems distribution (go
get it!), you can do this:

        $ sudo gem -Ri ruvi --install-stub
        Attempting remote installation of 'ruvi'
        Successfully installed ruvi version 0.4.5

        $ ruvi RvshGem.rdoc

You’ll see something that looks like this:

(though if you’ve got your terminal configured properly, it will look
a lot better that this).

It’s still early in development, but it has a surprising number of
features implemented. I actually used it to create this weblog entry. I
think I could waste a few hours having fun hacking in features that I never
had the energy to do in vim script or Emacs Lisp.

Now that you’ve got the latest RubyGems distribution, try:

      $ gem -R --list

There are a lot of lovely gems already out there. And, of course, armed
with the RubyGems distribution, you are now equipped to create more.