It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. This is mostly
because I’ve been busy but at least partially because I’ve been
a little demotivated to sit in front of a computer for much time. My
friends and family are tired of hearing me whine about it, but my Powerbook
was stolen while traveling on a train in Brussels about a month ago.

I’m not going to whine any further here; The story has a happy
ending. There may be some useful information for laptop owners to take with

  • When you’re traveling with your computer, keep it closer to you than
    you think you have to. I had mine in an inconspicuous backpack case and had
    it right near me. If someone’s targeting travelers, they’re
    going to look for people who are almost keeping a good enough eye
    on their possessions. Those are the people who think everything is going to
    be OK and won’t notice that something has happened until it’s
    too late.
  • Ultimately, my homeowner’s insurance paid for the full price to
    replace my laptop! I’m kind of ignorant about these things and had no
    idea that homeowner’s insurance would cover a loss while I was
    traveling. If you own a home (or rent?) and have some kind of insurance, I
    would recommend finding out if you’re covered before something like
    this happens to you. Some credit card companies offer similar coverage on
    purchases made with their cards. The card I used does not, so if you have a
    choice of which one to use, use the one that will cover potential losses.
  • An obvious one: I had spotty network connectivity while traveling, so I was
    backing up things I was working on onto a USB drive in case of hardware
    failure on my laptop. Guess where I stored the USB drive? I lost hours of
    work, some of which I’ll probably never get around to redoing.
  • Don’t get a Mac. It’s just too hard to go back to the
    alternatives once you’ve gone there. Save yourself some suffering and
    stick with the least common

Kelly SMS’d me earlier to
tell me that my new Powerbook is sitting at home in the box waiting for me
to spend way too much time setting up and playing with this weekend. :)