I like the dancing.
        That can only be inferred.
        Hop to it, sparky.

Same lovely
, enhanced with Google, and WWW::Mechanize.
Searches the internet for the terms you pass in as arguments, and creates a
Haiku with that as a title. It’s deep. Really really deep:

        $ ./find_haiku Pretentiousness for the rest of us
        #<WWW::Link:0x1650964 @href="
        , @node=<a href='http://www.pixeldiva.co.uk/obnoxious-pretentiousness
        .html'> ... </>>
        #<WWW::Link:0x164d228 @href="http://writersword.com/print.php?sid=5",
        @node=<a href='http://writersword.com/print.php?sid=5'> ... </>>
        #<WWW::Link:0x1649da8 @href="http://writersword.com/index.php",
        @node=<a href='http://writersword.com/index.php'> ... </>>
        #<WWW::Link:0x16468b0 @href="http://www.tamingingrid.com/domstory.htm",
        @node=<ahref='http://www.tamingingrid.com/domstory.htm'> ... </>>
        Got 23 docs
        Pretentiousness for the rest of us
                And so is Pisces.
                It just is to Capricorn.
                Ideas abound.

                Easton and Kurt H.
                We simply need more courage.
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                Life is a big deal.
                has anybody won yet?
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If you’re interested in wasting some time, have a look a the unpolished script that generates this stuff.

Don’t ask me why.