One of our grant
, The
Seattle Ruby Brigade
, has just finished the first weekend HackFest in
which they will dramatically improve RubyGems].

Ryan Davis has the writeup.

Among other REALLY nice improvements are some dramatic refactoring of the way testing is done and a potentially massive performance improvement in one of the core classes of the RubyGems library, affecting not just install time but `runtime` performance of RubyGems-enabled applications.

All this with unit tests. Nice job, Seattle!

I’d love to see more of this kind of thing (especially when people are improving software that I have a hand in). Hey all you other Ruby groups, it might be too late (this year) for a RubyCentral code fest grant, but it’s not too late to organize your own self-funded Hack Fest.

Anyone close enough to Kentucky want to give it a go?