Daniel Berger just released pathname2, a file
path manipulation library that works well on UNIX or Windows systems
(including UNC paths).

Most notable about this from my perspective is that it is 299th unique RubyGem. That means there are 299 different pieces of software (not counting their many different versions) available for installation via the RubyGems system.

        ~/svn/MJWTI/Book chadfowler$ gem list -r|grep "^[a-zA-Z].*)$"|wc -l
        ~/svn/MJWTI/Book chadfowler$

As of this week, not counting downloads of the Ruby Windows Installer, the RubyGems framework has been downloaded more than 50,000 times. Within a week, it will have served up half a million gems.

So, who’s going to create the 300th gem?

Be sure to watch the rss feed if you want to find out which gem pulled across the 300 mark.