This week, I finished making copy edits, and Dave finished the
(beautiful!) layout. My Job Went to
is ready to go to the printers!

When I started this book, I considered the amount of effort (which I
underestimated, of course) it would take to finish it. I decided that,
given how much of a strain it would be over and above the "day
job", it wasn’t likely I would make enough money for it to be
worthwhile. (It was never about that anyway, of course). So, the only way
to make the book worth writing was to create something that could really
help people.

Reading through it now, I can confidently say that I have accomplished that
goal. Sure, it seems premature to say, considering the fact that only a
handful of people have read the book. But, what I’ve found is that it
has already helped me. More on that later…

Now’s when the fun starts.