As a followup to my previous
, Tim Case has posted
an inspirational story
about having the courage to take control of his
own career as a software developer.

Frustrated by the software industry and the job market, Tim (like many software developers, I’d bet) struggled with whether to find a new line of work altogether. Here’s a cliffhanger for you:

  I didn't want to leave because I was learning
  more about software and each new thing I learned made me want to keep
  learning more but I also couldn't keep throwing myself into the winds
  of marketplace expectations.  I gave up on trying to get lucky and find
  that dream job.

  So what did I do?

He took matters into his own hands. Give it a read.

I also stumbled across Kathy Sierra’s You 2.0 post on the always thought-provoking Creating Passionate Users weblog.

The common theme is that it’s never too late to take control of your destiny. Most people just never realize it’s even possible.

Do you have a similar story? I’d love to hear about it.