Alan Francis is a long time
industry veteran and agile development guru. I met him several years ago
when he was my team’s coach at Object mentor’s XP Immersion
(taught by Robert Martin, Ron Jeffries, and Kent Beck).

More recently, he was one of the early draft reviewers of my book. He had the following to say about it:

        The book is, in my head at least, a companion volume to Pragmatic
        Programmer. PragProg gave a list of concrete advice for programmers
        to improve their programming. MJWTI (as the new book is affectionately
        known) gives a list of good concrete advice for programmer to improve
        everything else that makes them employable.

This isn’t the first comparison between My Job Went to India and The Pragmatic Programmer that I’ve heard, and I hope it won’t be the last. Since reading it in 2000, The Pragmatic Programmer has been on my short list of books I recommend to every programmer I work with, because being a programmer and not having read it is a crime. It just has too much to offer the average programmer to go unread.

If MJWTI can help as many people in as profound a way, the investment will have been well worth it to me.

There are now sample chapters available, and the book can be pre-ordered (the PDF ships now, and the paper copy ships at the end of this month). I’d love to hear your thoughts as you read it (even just the sample chapters). Don’t be shy.