In My Job Went to
, I stress the importance of writing as a way to build your
personal brand and make yourself more marketable. I specifically suggest
that software developers open a weblog.

Marketing maverick Seth Godin just published a free ebook called "Who’s There?" that goes into much greater depth about the how and why of blogging.

Why bother? Seth says:

        If you care about your personal brand and career and impact, you need a
        blog. And you should start the cycle of getting better at blogging.

A favorite quote:

        When you apply for a job, so do a thousand other people.
        When you see a house listing, so do a thousand other people.
        When you bid on a grilled cheese sandwich on eBay, so do a thousand other people.

mmmm.…grilled cheese.

Anyway, I’ve mirrored the book here if you’re interested. It’s a short and very worthwhile read.