You can try to hide it or dress it up as something more palatable, but
they’ll sniff it out and they’ll condemn it for what it is:
Marketing. Geeks hate marketing.

From My Job Went to India:

  A lot of software developers---especially the most conceited ones, it
  seems---live with the misconception that their skill should be self-evident
  to any clued-in manager or employer. They are able to comfortably veil this
  lie inside the cloud of a make believe moral ethic: theyre just too humble
  to market their own abilities. Going out of their way to make their abiliities
  known would be brown nosing. And, no self-respecting programmer would
  be caught dead sucking up to The Man.

  This is all just an excuse. Actually, they're afraid.

You see, it’s comfortable to condemn any kind of self-promotional activity. It’s easy. It’s common. It’s the way of the flock.

Like one of those silly "Question Reality" bumper stickers, it’s just conformist behaviour dressed up in such a way that people who like to think of themselves as nonconformists can feel good about it.

It’s fear of rejection.

But fear of rejection stops us from putting ourselves in situations where we can be rejected. The opposite of rejection is acceptance. And in an economy, acceptance is success.

If we want this profession of software development to thrive, we’re going to have to hand-hold or beat this mentality out of our people.

I promise. It’ll only hurt for a little while.