Steve Akers is riffing
on Kathy
Sierra’s “The best thing about Web 2.0” post
. “We define Web
2.0", he echoes. And that’s a good thing, because it makes those
of us who want to do “Web 2.0" get creative in our quests to
achieve it.

What’s much more interesting than the specific Web 2.0 discussion to me is that Steve draws some surprisingly hip ideas from one of the most corporate of corporations, General Electric. Not only are the lessons relevant, but they’re uniquely "big". You couldn’t learn them in the same way from a small company.

With the buzz all around small teams and small software these days, it would be easy to forget the wisdom to be gleaned from years of big companies. It would be easy to forget that some software should be big, and that big isn’t always bad. And though they’re easy targets for criticism, it would be easy to miss the fact that there is a lot to be learned from experience in a big company.

If you’re slaving away in such a company now, try tearing down some of the Dilbert cartoons and looking at what the company does right for a change. You may find that some of the stagnation you perceive is a direct result of your own cynicism.