An interesting
came through on the Rails
mailing list today.

  having read "my job went to india" I decided to quit programming within
  the Microsoft environment and start something different...

  So, is there any RubyOnRails project that in exchange for "reviving" me
  needs a loyal (code) contributor?

  Thanks in advance

Welcome, Michael. You’ve taken the first step: acting on
your own behalf.

It’s heartening to see this kind of thing happen as a result of words I have
. I’m not going to definitively say that moving away from
.NET is the right move for Michael. But deciding to control the
course of his career is the right move. He may fear the Offshoring
tide. Or he may have even already been laid off. (Or neither). But sitting
around being scared, shaking your fist at Lou Dobbs’ propaganda on
CNN isn’t going to get you anywhere. The only way to get anywhere is
to move.

That’s what Michael is doing. Good going, Michael!