If you’ve got some time this morning, you might want to sign up for
net seminar put on by Software Development
. Here’s the abstract:

  As U.S. executives increasingly see IT as a commodity, how do you hold on
  to your job? In a follow-up to the popular October 2005 Software Development
  NetSeminar with Dr. Ron Hira, IEEE-USA.s vice president for career
  activities, this 90-minute interactive conversation with career maven
  Chad Fowler will give you the ammunition to avoid the shock of seeing
  your position outsourced to cheaper climes. Fowler, author of My Job Went
  to India (Pragmatic Programmers, 2005), offers 52 ways to navigate the
  global job marketplace, with tips ranging from choosing the most valuable
  technical and business domain skills to how to advertise your
  accomplishments internally and externally.

  Don't miss the opportunity to pose your questions live to Fowler, an
  application architect, Ruby programming language expert and author with
  a keen interest in awakening developers to ways they can elevate the
  visibility and value of their profession.

The net seminar is at 9AM PST. Good lunch break material on the East coast. Hope to see you there.