Last week I flew to Montreal to keynote at CUSEC. Mine was the opening keynote,
titled Fight
The Traffic
. Other keynotes were to include Kathy Sierra and David Heinemeier Hansson.
Unfortunately David ended up getting snowed in, so I also gave the closing
keynote, which I called “Rails is Boring, and Ruby is a Toy", and
in which I described some of the salient philosophical features of Ruby and
Rails and encouraged their application in other (less fortunate?) software

CUSEC is a wonderful conference. It’s arranged by Canadian software engineering students for software engineering students. The talks were engaging, and like most conferences, the in-between-session discussions were especially inspirational. The CUSEC organizers wooed me with the promise of speaking to the future of software development in Canada, and I wasn’t disappointed. These were some smart, passionate kids.

It was my first chance to see Kathy’s Creating Passionate Users talk, which I can’t recommend more strongly. It will affect the way I write, work, and consume from now on. She’s got a book coming out in the not-too-distant future on the topic. I’m convinced that it will become and remain a classic.

I was particularly fond of my slides for the talk. I can say that without fear of sounding conceited, because I didn’t make them myself. My friend and cothinker, Steve Akers worked with me to draw the slides for my talk by hand. What follows is the title slide, but the rest are available on his site, Moe Bot. Check ‘em out. You can also subscribe to his pictures via RSS.

The sessions were recorded, so I’ll post a link when they’re available. On the mp3, you’ll be able to hear me make wretched noises on my soprano saxophone. Stay tuned. You won’t want to miss that.