Fellow Arkansan Josh McAdams was recently kind enough to interview
for Perlcast, the Perl
community’s equivalent to the Ruby on Rails Podcast.

In a bizarre twist of fate, this interview places me in the company of Larry Wall, Damian Conway, Randal Schwartz, and the mononomenclad, ultra-prolific wonder, chromatic.

Here’s a fun bit of the interview, taken out of context:

  Perlcast:  This is Perlcast, so I have to ask:  Is Perl a safe language to
  be an expert in?

  Me: Absolutely not. ... If Perl was going to be your only language right
  now, then I would be terrified.  If you identify yourself as a Perl
  programmer, then I would be terrified.

You’ll have to listen to the whole thing to hear the shocking conclusion.

The Pragmatic Programmers are also giving away some FREE COPIES of My Job Went to India and All I Got Was This Lousy Book, so check out the Perlcast page for details.