To celebrate another beta release of Rails Recipes
today, we’ve opened up a discussion forum (powered
by the wonderful new Opinion) for readers to post
ideas, suggestions, success stories (please!) and even
their own recipes. Thousands of people are reading and using the book to
solve real problems, and we wanted to give them each a

There have been so many great recipe suggestions showing up in my inbox every day, that I didn’t want to keep them all for myself. A lot of those suggestions will make it into the book. Others won’t simply due to the volume. But the recipe format is obviously resonating with people, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t turn those ideas into helpful documentation.

From now on, instead of sending your ideas to me directly, let’s start a discussion that everyone can benefit from.

Tell everyone:

  • What cool stuff you did with the recipes in the book
  • How you expanded on the ideas presented
  • Problems you had that you need help with
  • Problems you had that you can help others with
  • Or just give us your ideas and suggestions for the book.

The book is still in development, so this is a good chance to have an impact on a book that will shape how the Rails community approaches its problems from now into the future.