We’ve just released another Rails
beta. This release features contributions from three of the
incredibly talented Rails core team
: Rick Olson (congrats,
Rick!), Jamis Buck, and Marcel Molina, Jr.. These guys are not
only gifted programmers but gifted writers and teachers as well.

It’s exciting to watch the framework evolve, and writing this book has given me a chance to witness and document the bleeding edge as it happens. As a result, I’ve been able to cover a lot of the features in the upcoming Rails 1.1 release, for which there really is no other source of documentation right now.

The forum we opened last week has been a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration. Thanks a ton to everyone who has signed up and contributed. Specifically notable are the two recipes created by readers:

Mike Blake posted a really useful recipe on backing up your data using Rake and ActiveRecord fixtures.

Frederick Ros then followed up with an excellent recipe on using ActiveRecord with legacy databases that have their own conventions.

As authors for the Ruby community, we’re blessed with a super-intelligent audience for our books. No doubt that readers are learning from Rails Recipes, but Rails Recipes is also learning from its readers.

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to David and Dave and Andy for cleaning house on the 16th Annual Jolt Awards. The Jolt Awards are kind of like the Grammys or the Oscars of our industry. Dave and Andy won once before. Pretty amazing for a young publishing house to win twice in three years!