This past weekend, I had the privilege of participating in Pragmatic
Studio’s Rails Edge conference.
I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. It was a
single-track event with a definite who’s-who speaker
(seriously humbling to be in that list). I learned an incredible
amount from the other speakers’ presentations (not to mention my own,
come to think of it).

Highlights for me were getting to pick James’s brain about how best to deal
with multiplatform issues in RubyGems,
learning about Rails internals from Marcel
Molina, Jr.
(I don’t think a presentation went by for the full 3
days without Marcel being asked some hard questions), and spending quality
time with the Relevance guys for the
first time.

(Like many of the best photos of Ruby/Rails events, Dave Thomas took this photo.
Check out his photoset
of the event. Lots of good ones.)

Overall, this is the event that I think is responsible for fully
rejuvenating me after a short period of burnout. I can feel the wheels
turning again and can’t wait until the next one in
Reston. Being their home town, maybe some of the folks from InfoEther will make it.

The conversations on RubyGems and deployment issues spawned a new project which
we’re banging away at. Hopefully we’ll have a release over the
holidays (in between driving, eating too much turkey, etc.)