So, it looks like I missed the submission deadline for sys-con’s now
annual i-Technology
(sorry Jeremy!). I was just browsing the submissions that
made it in, and the following separate post caught my eye: Yakov
Fain’s Ruby on
Rails Won’t Make It in 2007 and Forget About AJAX

It’s funny that almost every prediction Yakov makes is about an innovation not mattering, not being adopted, and not resulting in any real change to our industry.

I’m not sure what industry Yakov is in, but I’m glad the IT industry isn’t anything like what he predicts. If I had to live in a world like the one he apparently lives in, I think I’d be looking for a career switch.

Here’s my single 2007 prediction:

2005 started a trend that got stronger in 2006 and will explode in 2007: with tools and technologies like Rails and Ajax challenging the way a lot of us have been conceiving of the limits of internet technology and the software development process, the software development world’s leading edge will take a tangible, industry-wide step forward. Yakov and his readers will continue to not get it.