In the not-so-interesting-for-you department, I’m changing quite a few things around here this week:

Bruce Williams has done a stunningly great redesign of this site. Bruce is the designer for Ruby Central, so if you’ve been to our recent conferences, you probably have one of his t-shirts.

Also, after nearly four years of faithful service, I’ve retired Dave Thomas’s Rublog in favor of Rick Olson’s Mephisto. If you suddenly see a bunch of my old posts in your news reader, that’s probably why.

I worked to try to map old URLs to new URLs, but there are bound to be some things broken. Let me know (my first name @ my domain) if you encounter anything wacky you don’t think I know about. Also, I haven’t yet moved the comments over, so apologies to those who’ve posted comments lately. I’ll try to get them ported over next week.