At the first "Rails Edge conference":, "Jim Weirich":, "Bruce Williams":, and I were chatting about how to improve the "RubyGems": platform-specific behavior, when we realized that it would be really helpful to have more info about the install footprint of the Ruby community at large. So instead of going right into hacking RubyGems as was our plan, we created a little census tool and an accompanying web site to help us collect information. Most of the info we collect is from Config::CONFIG, with the addition of the RubyGems version. We know this information will help the implementers of RubyGems, and we hope it will also help Ruby implementers and library developers as well. To install: $ sudo gem install tattle To submit your info: $ tattle If you want to see what would be posted before posting, you can do: $ tattle report The information gets posted to "": You can view the posted data with your web browser at that URL. As a side note, Eric posted the "latest RubyGems beta": this weekend. Please do give it a go if you're so inclined.