A few upcoming tidbits: * I'm flying to London late this week to teach my Rails intro course for "Skills Matter":http://skillsmatter.com/ruby-on-rails-course. The course runs from Feb 5-8. If you're in the area of the UK and you've been looking for a way to dive into Rails, now's your chance. * On February 9, also in London, Skills Matter is putting together a one day Rails mini-conference called "The RoR eXchange":http://www.skillsmatter.com/rorexchange. I'll be speaking, as will a host of other Rails developers. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Tom Locke's "Hobo":http://hobocentral.net/blog/. * Tickets are "on sale":http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=126426 for the first "Mountain West Ruby Conference":http://mtnwestruby.org/. The conference will be from March 16-17 in Salt Lake City. It's another in a chain of regional Ruby conferences that have been popping up around the country. The speaker list for the Mountain West conference is particularly interesting--especially the Ruby implementers' panel and summit. * For the past several years, O'Reilly's "OSCON":http://conferences.oreillynet.com/os2007/ has featured a really nice Ruby track. This week is the _last week_ to get a proposal in for this year's conference. * Registration for the second "International Rails Conference":http://railsconf.org should be opening _this week_. Last year sold out fast, and RubyConf sold out even faster. If these two data points are part of a trend, you'll need to stay alert if you want a ticket. * Update: "Josh Susser":http://hasmanythrough.com/ reminded me that I neglected to mention that the CFP for the Silicon Valley Ruby Conference is "out":http://blog.hasmanythrough.com/2007/1/26/rfp-silicon-valley-ruby-conf-2007. We had a great time last year. Recommended if you're looking for a Ruby gathering on the West coast.