Everyone's favorite TV nerd, "Leo Laporte":http://leoville.vox.com/library/post/tumbl%C3%A9o.html has a "tumblelog":http://tumbleo.com. As a Leo fan myself, I was excited to see that he pointed to our humble tumblelog, "project.ioni.st":http://project.ioni.st/. Welcome to the wonderful world of tumblelogging, Leo. What's even cooler is that Leo is doing his tumblelogging via a new service called "Tumblr":http://tumblr.com. Tumblr is apparently "also inspired by":http://tumblr.com/faqs project.ioni.st. Tumblr just may get a lot of people to finally get going with a tumblelog. Just today, "Pat Eyler":http://on-ruby.blogspot.com start his own for "On Ruby":http://on-ruby.tumblr.com/, which is sure to be a source of interesting Ruby info.