Running a nonprofit is hard work. But it’s all worth it when you get votes of confidence like the following email I received today from Mark Morton:

Forgive me if I have contacted the wrong person…this message is for whoever is running
(which is currently down).

You say RubyCentral is a “a growing web resource for everything to do with the Ruby language”, yet all I find are
a few tired articles dated from 2000? Is this the same RubyCentral that is co-sponsoring RubyConf Europe
2007? (I hope not!) Nothing about the conference here? Your FAQ link is broken, as is your feedback SEND
button on the Links page. Sheesh!

If the above is true, it seems to me that RubyCentral is more of an embarrassment to the Ruby community.
Please get your act together, if only for the sake of the language.