Now that my domain is alive again (sorry if you tried to send me email within the last week and a half), I wante to quickly mention that "Bruce Tate":, "Marcel Molina": and I will be doing a charity workshop on Ruby testing techniques at "The Ruby Hoedown": in Raleigh, NC. As was started by the Dave and Mike with "The Rails Guidebook":, we'll be suggesting a small donation ($50) to charity (this time the "Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina": We've been quiet for a little longer than we should have on this, so please do pop over and "register": if you're interested in testing in Ruby, helping the hungry, or both. Note that you don't _have_ to attend the session to donate. So if you're totally uninterested in testing (shame on you!), a Ruby skeptic, don't even know what programming means or don't want to travel to Raleigh, feel free to "add some dollars to the cause":