RailsConf Europe is right around the corner, and on the first day Marcel Molina and I will be doing a full day tutorial on advanced Ruby and Rails testing techniques. And, in the tradition of Dave and Mike’s Rails Guidebook, we’ll be requesting a minimum $75 tax deductible donation to charity of all those who attend. At RailsConf this year we raised $33,000 for charities, and we hope the spirit of giving continues.

I travel a lot and meet a ton of Ruby and Rails developers in the process, and I’m always surprised at the seemingly unquenchable desire for testing information. So we’re hoping that an entire day with a couple of developers who have been seriously passionate about testing will help at least plant a few seeds and satisfy some of the demand. The fun part is that we’ve both learned new tricks ourselves as we’ve prepared. That’s one of the selfish joys of being a speaker, trainer, and author. No matter how well you know a topic, you always learn things when you go to prepare a tutorial, talk, article, or book on that topic. And, as we all know, testing and test-driven development is a deep topic.

As always, even if you’re not planning to attend, feel free to give to the cause.