Being an organizers of Ruby conferences myself, I always enjoy going to the regional conferences. I’ve been to the Mountain West RubyConf, Ruby Hoedown and Rails Summit Latin America. Each was excellent in its own unique way. It’s also a great pleasure for me to attend a conference I’m not organizing.

So I’m looking forward to the upcoming Scotland on Rails in March. Marcel and I will be presenting a tutorial for charity at this year’s conference.

I’ve heard great things about last year’s Scotland on Rails, and I trust my friends in Scotland to put on an excellent show. If you haven’t been to Edinburgh, you owe yourself a trip. It’s an incredibly beautiful city.

What better way to explore new lands than to do it by invitation as a speaker? Scotland on Rails has opened its Call for Proposals (it’s been open for a while, but I’m slow). The CFP closes in 2 weeks (December 1st), so if you’re interested in speaking don’t be late. From what Alan tells me, they are especially interested in hearing how to do BIG projects with Ruby and Rails.

Hope to see you there.