Being an organizers of Ruby conferences myself, I always enjoy going to the regional conferences. I've been to the "Mountain West RubyConf":, "Ruby Hoedown": and "Rails Summit Latin America": Each was excellent in its own unique way. It's also a great pleasure for me to attend a conference I'm not organizing. So I'm looking forward to the upcoming "Scotland on Rails": in March. "Marcel": and I will be presenting a tutorial for charity at this year's conference. I've heard great things about last year's Scotland on Rails, and I trust my friends in Scotland to put on an excellent show. If you haven't been to Edinburgh, you owe yourself a trip. It's an incredibly beautiful city. What better way to explore new lands than to do it by invitation as a speaker? Scotland on Rails has opened its "Call for Proposals": (it's been open for a while, but I'm slow). The CFP closes in 2 weeks (December 1st), so if you're interested in speaking don't be late. From what "Alan": tells me, they are especially interested in hearing how to do BIG projects with Ruby and Rails. Hope to see you there.