I just finished reading the inspiring The E-Myth Revisited, which like my own first book My Job Went to India suffers from an incredibly bad name.

This is definitely one of the most practically useful and potentially career-changing business books I’ve read. As I started getting toward the end, I realized that I should have been taking notes. The book is an excellent read, but at its core, it can be distilled into a clear outline of stuff to do after you read it. I was reading on my Kindle, which I’m still not good at using as a quick reference device. So, while I was excited about going back through the book and making myself a TODO list, I wasn’t sure how to best do it.

Then I remembered Derek Sivers’ book list. Derek has obviously spent a lot of time thoughtfully preparing a list of recommended books with reasons behind each recommendation. Not only that, he includes detailed notes on each book. I read his notes on E-Myth Revisited and was pleased to see that all of the important stuff is captured. Thanks Derek!

Speaking of Derek and books, don’t miss his book, How to Call Attention to Your Music. It might be titled for musicians but I think everyone will find something valuable inside.