David Chelimsky and I were chatting a couple of weeks ago about my recently acquired running hobby and he asked “Why don’t you organize a 5k race at RubyConf?”

Then I said something like “heh”. Then we both thought about it some more and thought it might actually be a fun thing to do.

In a previous email, Jarkko Laine had volunteered to coordinate some morning exercise sessions at RubyConf, so we’ve pulled him in as well.

So now, David, Jarkko, Kelly and I are organizing some kind of 5k race for one of the mornings of RubyConf.

Can you run 3.1 miles?

If so, be on the lookout to sign up and have some fun.

If not, even better! Chances are even if you don’t run at all right now, you can practice and get ready to run (or mostly run) 3.1 miles by RubyConf. Check out a program like Couch to 5K for an easy progressive schedule that will get you to running the distance without feeling like you’re killing yourself.

We’re still getting our collective act together, but I wanted to share this to get you thinking about trying to run 5k if you haven’t before. There might be some fast people in the crowd but I’m hoping for a greater ratio of people who have never been able to run just trying to finish it.

So start training and see you there!