I’ve decided to travel less this year. Since my job involves a lot of travel, this mostly translates into going to less conferences.

So for 2010 I so far have only one conference on the agenda (other than those I’m co-organizing): RubyConf India.

I’m speaking at the event and also helping out on the proposal committee along with Pratik Naik and Ola Bini. So far the program is shaping up well, and I’m excited about the conference.

If you’re looking for a combined technical and cultural education experience, I highly recommend going to RubyConf India. Kelly and I lived in Bangalore several years ago and absolutely loved it there. We can’t wait to get back to our second home. Bangalore was a culture shock at first, but that’s another strong reason to go. For us, it went from culture shock to comfort. Bangalore certainly didn’t change to make that happen — we did.

So, while it’s hectic, noisy, and sometimes shocking, Bangalore is a beautiful place which had a profound effect on me. When I was there, I couldn’t find any other Ruby programmers. It will be really exciting to go back to an entire conference devoted to Rubyists.

Registration will be opening in the next couple of weeks. Follow RubyConfIndia on twitter for announcements. Bangalore men milenge?