I was scrolling through articles on this site earlier, and I decided to re-read some of my own encouraging words for a shot of inspiration. On the post called What Would You Rather Be Doing? I came across this comment by Derek Sivers and wanted to make sure everyone saw it.

  Derek Sivers Says: 
  May 13th, 2009 at 05:39 PM

  Imagine you’re hit by a car today, wake up in the hospital, and the doctor is saying, “Sorry. We can’t stop the bleeding. You’ve only got an hour to live.”

  You’re laying on what you now realize is your death bed. Oh no! No no no! All those things you wanted to do! You never went to Italy! You never started       
  that business you knew would be a huge success! You never asked-out that gorgeous person you flirt with! You never flew ZeroG. You never lost 30 
  pounds and got proud of your looks. You never had kids.

  Make that list.

  Then make it your to-do list.

  Eliminate all those potential regrets.

Thanks, Derek!