I have spoken to companies, groups and conferences all over the world. I love to share what I’ve learned. I can happily speak about software development practices, managing software teams, life in general, career development, creativity, health, the process of learning, and Ruby or Rails.

Contact me if you’d like to inquire about me speaking at your event.

Below are links to a few talks I’ve given over the years:

Service, Scottish RubyConf 2011 Closing Keynote
Edinburgh, Scotland

Legacy, Aloha RubyConf 2011
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Self-Engineering, Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Philly ETE Keynote #1 – Chad Fowler – Self Engineering from Chariot Solutions on Vimeo.

Opening Keynote, AWS Summit Berlin 2013
Berlin, Germany

The Passionate Programmer, Ruby Kaigi 2010 Keynote
Tokyo, Japan

[29M08] Keynote / Chad Fowler from ogi on Vimeo.

Ruby on Rails Insurgency, Rails Summit Latin America 2009
Sao Paolo, Brazil

Six Sigma, McDonalds, and Off Shore Outsourcing: Unexpected Sources of Insight, Cascadia Ruby 2011
Seattle, Washington, USA