I have spoken to companies, groups and conferences all over the world. I love to share what I've learned. I can happily speak about software development practices, managing software teams, life in general, career development, creativity, health, the process of learning, and Ruby or Rails. "Contact me":/contact if you'd like to inquire about me speaking at your event. Below are links to a few talks I've given over the years: h2. Service, Scottish RubyConf 2011 Closing Keynote Edinburgh, Scotland h2. Legacy, Aloha RubyConf 2011 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA h2. Self-Engineering, Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Philly ETE Keynote #1 - Chad Fowler - Self Engineering from Chariot Solutions on Vimeo.

h2. Opening Keynote, AWS Summit Berlin 2013 Berlin, Germany h2. The Passionate Programmer, Ruby Kaigi 2010 Keynote Tokyo, Japan

[29M08] Keynote / Chad Fowler from ogi on Vimeo.

h2. Ruby on Rails Insurgency, Rails Summit Latin America 2009 Sao Paolo, Brazil h2. Six Sigma, McDonalds, and Off Shore Outsourcing: Unexpected Sources of Insight, Cascadia Ruby 2011 Seattle, Washington, USA